Franchise of Stix Silk Body body shaping studio
  • Investments from 1 million rubles
  • First 4 months royalty free
  • Full turnkey support
  • Exclusive for own line of cosmetics "MOLECULE"
  • Unique author's programs that have no analogues
  • Operating Franchise
Own line of natural cosmetics
We have created our own line of patented cosmetics - MOLECULE, on the basis of which we conduct most of our copyright courses and body shaping programs
Unique author's techniques
Our courses are practiced by professionals before entering our services. All courses are copyright, so they have no analogues in the world.
Investments — 1 million rubles
+ 4 months royalty-free
We want you to quickly recoup your investment, so the cost of the franchise (1 million rubles) includes a lump-sum fee, and we also give 4 months royalty-free
Legal support + accounting 
We know how difficult it is to start a business, so we will take care of the routine with reports, taxes, etc. We will teach and support you at all stages of running a business
Engagement Management System (CRM)
We will connect you to our automatic customer relationship management (CRM) system and teach you how to work with it correctly
No investment in advertising and business promotion
We are a proven and popular brand, so customers will already trust you. Plus, we conduct advertising ourselves, distributing it to all our body shaping studios
5 years
More than five years in the body shaping market
More than a hundred people have been trained in our studio
More than 50% of customers become regular customers
~ 2 m.rubles
The studio earns more than 2 million rubles a year
5 years
More than five years in the body shaping market
More than a hundred people have been trained in our studio
More than 50% of customers become regular customers
~ 2 m.rub
The studio earns more than 2 million rubles a year
Classic face and body massage techniques
Full body massage from head to toe, including relaxing massage.
Body shaping programs and courses
 Author's body correction programs, body wraps and an integrated approach to weight loss
Own line of cosmetics for face and body
You will become a distributor of the unique MOLECULE cosmetics with the exclusive right to sell
You fill out an application and we will conduct an interview with you. If you suit us, we conclude a franchise agreement with you
Start of cooperation
You pay a lump sum. We provide you with all the materials, the franchise book, complete documentation and the launch plan, and coordinate all the steps of cooperation
We accompany you at every stage: optimization of a legal entity, accounting, selection of premises, hiring employees, repair plan, purchase of primary materials, cosmetics for a start, training and setting up CPM
We launch and set up advertising at the very start of the repair, so that you already have customers by the time you open. We connect your studio to the Styx Silk Body network, set up social media. networks and sales training
Studio opening
We will carefully prepare you for the grand opening and control all the moments so that everything goes at the highest level for you.
Continued support
We regularly hold training sessions, meetings, and video calls with all partners to exchange experience. You get regular advertising, support, and maintenance. Your main task is to make the client happy! And we take care of all the worries and routine!
The cost of tariffs "Basic" and "Premium" is indicated for the regions of the Russian Federation. The cost of tariffs for the city of Moscow are considered separately. Contact us for more information
Cooperation rates*
Transfer of technology of author's courses and programs
Exclusive to the line of cosmetics "MOLECULE"
Full support during the opening of the studio
Assistance in the selection of premises and recruitment of staff
Legal entity and accounting administration
CRM setup
2 days of live training for masters in Moscow + sales training
Complete business book
Guideline (description of corporate identity)
Personal presence of the founder of the network at the opening of your studio
Training from the best network masters in your city
Advertising from a millionaire blogger when opening your studio
Royalty (first 4 months without royalty, then the amount - per month)
40 000 rub/month*
40 000 rub/month*
Lump sum
(for the first 5 partners, then - price + 50%)
400 000 rub*
800 000 rub*
1. St. Pokrovka, house 25, building 1
m. Chistye Prudy, m. Turgenevskaya,
m. Kitay-Gorod, m. Kurskaya

2. Komsomolsky prospect 9a
m. Park Kultury m. Frunzenskaya

3. Presnenskaya emb. 10 p.2
(IQ tower) 13th floor, app.118
m. International m. Business center (24 hours)

4. Leningradsky prospect 36/36 - branch
(VTB Arena Park), entrance 1, floor 4, app.16
m. Dynamo m. Petrovsky Park
+7 (915) 312-80-42 Instagram